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1. Applicant agrees that any extension of credit is subject to the terms and conditions in the Application and invoices issued to Applicant. Applicant further agrees that all orders or purchases are subject to ES OpCo USA LLC’s Standard Terms and Conditions of Sale as of the date of shipment available at All sales and orders are expressly limited to such terms, which may be updated from time to time. No other terms and conditions other than as referred to or stated herein apply unless agreed to in writing by both parties.

2. If ES OpCo USA LLC (“Seller”) agrees to extend credit, all decisions regarding the granting or continuation of credit are at the sole discretion of Seller and may be terminated at any time. Applicant authorizes Seller to contact credit reporting services and other third parties to determine Applicant’s creditworthiness. Applicant warrants that it is solvent. Continued solvency is a precondition to any sale made by Seller. Applicant agrees to update this Application and provide updated financial statements upon request.

3. Acceptance of goods, without notification of dispute or defect pursuant to notice requirements and procedures set forth in the Standard Terms and Conditions of Sale will be deemed an absolute and will deem all such unresolved credit items to be in error and the property of the Seller.

4. Payment terms are as stated in the invoice and the Standard Terms and Conditions of Sale. Past due balances are subject to a late payment charge of 1.5% per month, or the highest rate allowed by law, if lower. Applicant shall pay all charges, costs and legal fees incurred in collecting amounts owed.

5. Applicant authorizes Seller, its successors and assigns, by its designated attorney, to waive the issuance of service of process and confess judgment against it for the entire unpaid balance of applicant’s account, together with all cost applicable to such action.

6. This Application and any dispute arising from it will be governed by the laws of the state of Texas. The parties agree that Travis County, Texas is the appropriate venue for such an action. By the signature below, the applicant states that it has read, understands and agrees to the terms and conditions set forth herein and further certifies that all of the information contained in the Application and attachments is true and correct to the best of their information, knowledge, and belief, and further certifies that he/she is authorized to execute this Application on behalf of Applicant.
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