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The information contained in this Application is provided for the purpose of obtaining or maintaining credit with Green Sprouts, Inc.. The undersigned understands that Green Sprouts, Inc. is relying on the information provided herein in deciding to grant or continue credit. The undersigned represents and warrants that the information provided is true and complete and may be considered as continuing to be true and correct until a written notice of change is given to Green Sprouts, Inc. by the undersigned. Green Sprouts, Inc. is authorized to make all inquiries deemed necessary including but not limited to pulling consumer credit reports on any owners or principals of the company in order to verify the accuracy of the statements made herein to determine by creditworthiness.

Conditions: Payment terms are Net 30 days upon credit approval unless otherwise specified. Additional terms of sale including terms of payment and allowable discounts for each purchase are agreed to and will be specified on the face of each invoice. Balances carried past the due date or over established credit line may cause delays with processing new orders. The customer hereby agrees to pay all collection and legal fees incurred, if such action be necessary, including but not limited to legal fees, expenses, as well as interest at 1.5% per month/ 18% per annum interest on any past due invoices or the maximum legal rate permitted by the state and any non-sufficient fund charges as allowed by law in the event of a returned check. I have read these conditions and hereby agree to them.
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